About Us

The Ports Football and Netball Club was formed in 1989, following the amalgamation of two clubs, Port Neill and Arno Bay. 

Who we are.

The Ports Football was established in 1989, following the amalgamation of both the Port Neill Football Club and the Arno Bay Football Club. We took the Port from Port Neill and the Magpies from Arno Bay. Both clubs had a similar ethos and values, and a strong relationship was formed, seeing our A Grade side playing in the EEFL Grand Final in the first year of being merged in 1989. It took the A Grade football side until 2002 to make another Grand Final, and until 2017 to finally win an A Grade Football Grand Final under the Ports Banner.

The club has gone from strength to strength in the last few years however, with the 2022 season seeing Ports take home the A Grade Back to Back Premiership, and the Junior Colts claiming the EEFL Premiership as well. This follows a successful 2021 Season, which saw the A Grade & B Grade football sides both claim EEFL Premierships in that season, and the Senior Colts making the grand final. 

Located at Port Neill and Arno Bay, the club attracts players and supporters from the local community, as well as further afield with many former players making the effort to still be actively involved at Ports, both on and off the field.

Our Vision.

Ports is a progressive, family friendly club that prides itself on being fair, inclusive, and above all else, having fun. 

Our Mission.

We will continue to build a united, resilient club by investing our time, energy and resources into the development of our members, encouraging a culture of mentoring, and fostering a strong value system at the very grassroots, that is reinforced at every level, in every role.

Our Objectives.

What does our value system mean in practical terms?

  • It means always leading by example – surrounding our players, umpires, coaches and volunteers with positive role models;
  • It means bringing outside knowledge and experience into our club to provide ongoing development for our players, coaches, trainers, and club leadership group;
  • It means we believe in good sportsmanship, and we demonstrate this by showing respect for our players, coaches, opponents and officials by giving everyone the opportunity to participate and  feel valued;
  • It means encouraging our senior players and coaches at every level to take the time to pass their knowledge and experience on, fostering a culture of mentoring within and across teams; and
  • It means encouraging members to do their part to ensure the club is an inclusive and welcoming place that people enjoy spending their time at, and families enjoy being a part of.