Supporting our Juniors

Our Junior Development Program

The Ports Netball Club is committed to building the future that we want for our club, and helping it to direct the investment of time, energy and resources into the development of our members in order to foster a positive, inclusive and supportive value system at the very grassroots of the club. 

One of the ways we have committed to achieving this, is to create a Junior Development program, led by our Junior development Officer, to support and encourage the development of our juniors into great players, and great club people. 

Within this program, we undertake a series of activities throughout the season.

These activities may include:

  • Development sessions in collaboration with Coaches, which may draw on club resources or bring in outside expertise, including (but not limited to):
    • Specialist skills for goalies, defenders, centre court players etc.
    • Personal development sessions that focus on the importance of being mentally and physically fit (ie. Positive self talk and team dynamics, and
    • Team ‘bonding’ events (eg sleepovers, trips to visit other clubs, juniors-focused social events on home games

  • Player or team participation in external events, including (but not limited to)
    • Netball SA camps: and
    • Netball Carnivals

  • A buddy system between senior and junior players to:
    • Encourage transition of skills, knowledge, and experience at trainings to give juniors someone to learn from and aspire to, and
    • Increase attendance of seniors at games on weekends, to show support and encouragement to junior players

  • Help our older D grade aged players to prepare for the transition into seniors by:
    • Registration in the Foundation Umpiring course, if desired
    • A briefing session with the players to help them understand “what happens on a Saturday”, making the juniors aware of the different jobs within the club that need to be done in order for teams to be able to take to the court, and helping them understand their responsibility to take their turn and contribute as members to keep the club strong.

All of these activities and opportunities for your child will proactively be communicated by our Junior Development Officer throughout the year.